10 Stunning Photos That Capture The Flight Patterns Of Birds By Xavi Bou

Although Ornitographies is an existing job with a rather far-off origin. It was born from the innocent, agitated, youth look of the artist, Xavi Bou. The professional photographer’ s affection for nature, specifically birds, developed throughout his youth thanks to memorable long strolls with his grandpa. Since then, the professional photographer’ s interest in birds […]

19-Year-Old Fakes Living A Luxurious Life For An Instagram Experiment, Is Surprised With How Easy It Is

More Info: Instagram | YouTube | Twitter Image credits: tbhbyron ‘ the material developer informed Insider he was motivated by fellow YouTuber George Mason, who had actually fabricated going on holiday for a week at the start of the year. “ I saw a great deal of individuals fabricating vacations and things, however I believed […]