A Vital Hack Could Turn Medical Devices Into Ventilators

As infections from the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic continue to climb, hospitals around the world are struggling with a potentially fatal shortage of ventilators, the bedside machines that help patients breathe when they’re unable to do so on their own. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of lower-grade breathing devices known as continuous positive airway pressure machines sit […]

‘I ain’t voting till black lives matter’: what does an activist’s radical strategy mean for 2020?

Walter Hawk Newsome has actually developed a project on motivating black individuals to keep their votes till black problems are attended to. Will it alter this years election? D eath was the driver for Walter “Hawk” Newsome’s a lot of controversial concept. It pertained to him throughout the very first couple of days of July […]

Donald Trump Suggests Treating Coronavirus By Injecting Patients With Lysol & Other Cleaning Chemicals – Yes, Really – Perez Hilton

UPDATE 10:59 A.M. PST: In case you were still jerking in mindblown shock at our president’s idea about injecting disinfectant to eliminate coronavirus infection something so dumb even Simpsons authors would not make Homer state it Dr. Trump really has a reason. He now states he was being “ironical.” When asked on Friday about the […]

In a pandemic’s dark days, these hospice workers found creative ways to bring light

(CNN)In regular times, music treatment for Michael Russo’s hospice clients focuses on glorified house performances: the troubadour breaks out the guitar, plays Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” or “Crazy” by Willie Nelson and spreads life-affirming delight throughout a client’s last days. “Hospice [and palliative care] experts are attempting to take care of individuals in […]