Cuomo Blasts Syracuse U Leadership After White-Supremacist Manifesto Allegedly AirDropped to Students

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday blasted management at Syracuse University for its handling of continuous a campus-wide e-mail early Tuesday early morning that it was examining reports that the hate manifesto, which trainees informed The Daily Beast was the exact same one utilized by the paper , reported. “The despiteful activities at Syracuse […]

California Class-Action Lawsuit Accuses TikTok of Illegally Harvesting Data and Sending It to China

TikTok has actually been downloaded more than 750 million times in the previous year, ending up being the very first international social-media app to emerge from China. Since Chinese law grants authorities and the federal government higher search-and-seizure power than in the United States and lots of other nations, concerns about control over TikTok’s information […]