Mirantis co-founder launches FreedomFi to bring private LTE networks to enterprises

Boris Renski, the co-founder of Mirantis, among the earliest and best-funded gamers in the OpenStack area a couple of years ago (which then mainly rotated to Kubernetes and DevOps), has actually left his function as CMO to focus his efforts on a brand-new start-up: FreedomFi. The brand-new business unites open-source software and hardware to offer […]

Sovereign Citizen Tells Judge Fuck You After Allegedly Stalking Mayor Over 5G Conspiracy Theory

Most criminal accuseds understand much better than to yell “fuck you” at a judge. That didn’t stop a South Dakota male implicated of stalking his mayor based on a strange conspiracy theory that declares laws and courts are phony. Christopher Bruce, 58, calls himself “The Living Man” on the constellation of videos and blog sites […]