Luxury travel: 50 wealthy tourists, eight countries … and one giant carbon footprint

Despite the environment crisis, no emission spared round-the-world vacations in personal jets are offering out Forget cruises. The super-rich have actually discovered a brand-new method to see the world in the elegant design of an ocean liner however taking a portion of the time: personal jet round-the-world trips. This week, 50 members of the rich […]

Student says she flushed ’emotional support hamster’ after Spirit Airlines denied passage

Florida university student states Spirit Airlines initially informed her the family pet was enabled, however rejected it entry at the airport Air transportation Julia Carrie Wong in San Francisco @juliacarriew “real “> 1518161564000 “class =”content __ dateline-wpd “js-wpd”> Fri 9 Feb 2018 02.32 EST =”social” top”href=””target=”_ blank”title=”LinkedIn”> Share on LinkedIn Miami Herald . “She was […]