Plane Loses Wheel on Takeoff; Pilot Still Makes Smoothest Landing Ever

An Air Canada flight (AC8684) leaving from Montreal lost among its wheels on launch, to the scary of travelers onboard. The competent pilot returned securely to the airport, making an exceptionally smooth landing regardless of the sub-optimal scenarios. The flight was initially predestined for Saguenay however went back to its point of origin soon after […]

A Boeing Code Leak Exposes Security Flaws Deep in a 787’s Guts

Late one night last September, security scientist Ruben Santamarta beinged in his office in Madrid and partook in some imaginative googling, looking for technical files connected to his years-long fixation: the cybersecurity of aircrafts. He was shocked to find a totally unguarded server on Boeing'&#x 27; s network, relatively filled with code developed to operate […]

Boom Supersonic nabs $100M to build its Mach 2.2 commercial airliner

One Denver-based start-up’s long-shot quote to move today’s industrial jets beyond supersonic speeds simply got a huge injection of money. Boom Supersonic , which is structure and developing what it calls the “world’ s initially financially practical supersonic airliner,” revealed today that they’ve closed a $100 million Series B financing round led by Emerson Capital. […]