20 Things Millennials Are Apparently Spending Money On Instead of Buying Homes and Cars

Millennials: depending upon who you ask, we’ re either living our finest lives or quickly eliminating industrialism itself. Obviously, discovering monetary duty is an essential lesson for anybody. Simply since millennials invest cash on various things than previous generations, doesn’ t mean we ’ re doing it all incorrect. By-and-large, we just put worth on […]

19 Ways Exhausted Parents Manage to Press the Snooze Button on Their Early-Rising Kids

Before kids, I certainly wasn’t planning to co-sleep as a parent (so dangerous). I didn’t plan on using the “cry-it-out” method (just cruel). I didn’t plan on giving my children their own iPads or on letting them watch TV before bed (lazy parenting). I also never planned to have a sleep-deprivation-induced-nervous-breakdown. Advertisement But, clearly, plans change when […]