Amazons New Essential Items Policy Is Devastating Sellers

Bernie Thompson is precisely the type of business owner Amazon likes to commemorate. In 2009 the previous Microsoft designer began his own electronic devices business, Plugable Technologies. He now utilizes 35 individuals in Redmond, Washington, and mostly offers his signature laptop computer docking stations through Amazon. In 2016, CEO Jeff Bezos highlighted Plugable in a […]

Amazon is using coronavirus to expand its power and not for the greater good | Julia Carrie Wong

If we let Amazons strength control our whole economy, we might simply learn how weak we are It is phoning 100,000 soldiers, extending grants to small companies, focusing on necessary products, and punishing profiteers. No, that’s not the United States federal government’s reaction to the coronavirus pandemic: it’s Amazon’s. The e-commerce leviathan is poised to […]

Jeff Bezos’s $10 billion climate change donation is a boon for the planetand for billionaires

Over the weekend, Jeff Bezos– creator of Amazon and actually the wealthiest guy in the world– revealed on Instagram that he’s releasing the Bezos Earth Fund to eliminate environment modification. More substantially, he’s contributing $10 billion to it as a start, mentioning, “This worldwide effort will money researchers, activists, NGOs — any effort that provides […]

FTC to examine every acquisition by Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft in 2010-2019 over antitrust issues

Companies like Apple, Amazon and Google do not constantly reveal every acquisition they make, particularly when the business in concern are little fish in the huge tech pond. In aggregate, all that M&A might present larger concerns about how they are utilizing their monetary power and market impact in anticompetitive methods. That concept is the […]