Cuba Fast Facts

(CNN)Here’s some background info about Cuba , a communist nation situated in the Caribbean Sea, around 90 miles south of Florida. February 24, 2019- Cubans vote in favor of authorizing a brand-new constitution . The brand-new file changes the 1976 Soviet-era charter enacted under. It safeguards personal property and foreign financial investment, and for the […]

Why we need to pause before claiming cultural appropriation | Ash Sarkar

The argument is a challenging one. Not every trespasser is a colonialist in camouflage, states Ash Sarkar, a senior editor at Novara Media I s Gordon Ramsay enabled to prepare Disney’s Moana ? Can Jamie Oliver cook troublesome when white individuals embrace them (blaccents, bindis and box braids). Why has cultural appropriation, an imperfect term […]

Alan Garca: former Peru president dies after shooting himself before arrest

Alan Garca, who dealt with allegations of taking allurements from Brazilian business Odebrecht throughout presidency, shot himself at his house Peru’s previous president Alan Garca has actually passed away after intentionally shooting himselfin the head when authorities attempted to apprehend him in connection with a multibillion-dollar Latin American corruption scandal. “I am distressed by the […]

Venezuelan opposition leader arrives in Bogota for meeting with Pence after weekend of violence

(CNN)Venezuela’s self-declared interim president and opposition leader, Juan Guaido, showed up in Bogota, Colombia, on Sunday ahead of a Monday conference with United States Vice President Mike Pence. Maduro challenged Guaido on Saturday to require brand-new elections, however on Sunday Guaido’s spokesperson, Edward Rodriguez, informed CNN they’re not going to do that since “we set […]

Venezuela: Guaid under investigation for ‘sabotage’ of power grid

Tarek Saab asks supreme court to open query after Thursdays blackout left the majority of Venezuela in the dark Venezuela’s primary district attorney has actually asked the nation’s supreme court to open an examination into opposition leader Maduro, implicated Donald Trump of masterminding a “demonic” plot with the nation’s opposition to require him from power. […]