Twin astronaut study suggests interplanetary travel may not be a health risk

The body “stays resistant and robust” after practically a year in area, according to a long-lasting, multi-institutional research study of twins, among whom lived aboard the International Space Station for 340 days while the other stayed in the world. These heartening outcomes get rid of a possible barrier to crewed interplanetary objectives — and in […]

Genetic Mystery: Spending A Year In Space Has Left Astronaut Scott Kelly With A Much Funnier Way Of Saying Check, Please! Than His Identical Twin Brother

When astronaut Scott Kelly returned from a yearlong objective to the International Space Station in 2016, researchers aspired to discover the impacts of long-lasting area travel by comparing his biology to that of his twin bro, Mark. After 2 years of extensive research study, exactly what they’ ve observed is much more extreme than anybody […]