Popular beauty vlogger blackmailed into coming out as transgender. Her video is worth a watch.

In 2020, coming out as transgender isn’t always a bombshell. Gradually however definitely, individuals are getting the reality that biological sex and gender are 2 various things, that those 2 things do not compare in some people, which individuals are individuals no matter what gender they are. Of course, there are likewise those who do […]

It takes a thick skin to rock a bald head: meet the women embracing hair loss

Society typically associates womanhood with long, streaming locks however a growing variety of ladies are selecting to commemorate their baldness B arbara Williams didn’t get wed simply to alter her name– obviously not. The chance to have a brand-new surname was definitely an appealing proposal. Williams has actually had trichotillomania, a condition that triggers her […]

Ipsys new subscription delivers full-size beauty products, not samples

Ipsy, the charm box membership service and e-commerce website established in 2011 by YouTube developer Michelle Phan, is broadening its company beyond sample-sized items. The business today is debuting a more pricey “ Glam Bag Plus ” membership, which will deliver consumers 5 full-sized items for $25 each month. The relocation intends to profit from […]