30 Celebrities Photoshopped Side-By-Side With Their Younger Selves By Ard Gelinck (New Pics)

Dutch graphic designer Ard Gelinck makes time travel possible with his next-level photoshopping skills – some of our favorite celebrities meet their younger versions in front of our very eyes. And it’s not a glitch in the matrix, Gelinck combines most recent and throwback pictures of well-known people from the entertainment world into a single […]

Internet Goes Crazy About Man Who Looks Like Disney Prince After Losing 70 Lbs While Taking Care Of His Sick Mom

The journey started when Jeffrey was coping with his mom in her house in Connecticut, looking after her after she’d suffered a brain aneurysm on July 4, 2015. “ She remained in a coma and rehabilitation healthcare facilities for 7 months up until they considered she had actually plateaued and was to be launched considering […]

Obese Dad Finds Out He Needs 2 Seats On Evacuation Flight, Transforms His Body Beyond Recognition In 2 Years

Everyone has their snapping point. Throughout the years, Tony Bussey of Alberta, Canada, has actually gotten a lot weight, that he used up 2 aircraft seats when being left from the flames and fear that was the Fort McMurray Wildfire. This outrageous experience pressed the 567-pound papa to guarantee himself he’d drop weight, and holy […]