Elizabeth Wurtzel showed women they could write the messy, humiliating truth | Megan Nolan

Prozac Nation started a category typically looked down on as exploitative. Such cautions threat silencing young females, states Irish author Megan Nolan “W e resented her for being such a hot and popular little mess,” composed a modern of Elizabeth Wurtzel’s in 2013. Following an author tweeted : “Elizabeth Wurtzel was a significant consider making […]

Former Baltimore mayor faces fraud and tax evasion charges

Federal indictment implicates Catherine Pugh of utilizing her Healthy Holly kids books to promote her profession and fund mayoral run The disgraced previous mayor of Baltimore has actually been charged with scams and tax evasion including sales of her self-published kids’s books. An 11-count federal indictment unsealed on Wednesday implicates Catherine Pugh of utilizing her […]

Subversive, queer and terrifyingly relevant: six reasons why Moby-Dick is the novel for our times

The book features gay marriage, hits out at slavery and imperialism and predicts the climate crisis 200 years after the birth of its author, Herman Melville, it has never been more important Thursday marks the 200th birthday of Herman Melville the author of the greatest unread novel in the English language. Ive lost count of […]