Angry Radiologist Asks To Share His Message After A Potential Coronavirus Carrier Takes A Plane Full Of People

HeyYoMikey8 stated the unidentified future is the hardest part of the coronavirus pandemic. HeyYoMikey8 thinks it is our own duty to inform ourselves so we can all do our part throughout these tough times. To make it much easier for us, the health expert shared what they’ re seeing in cases of Covid-19 radiographically. The […]

Garbageman Takes To Twitter To Reassure People Amidst The Coronavirus Crisis And His Message Is Heartwarming

In the light of the current coronavirus crisis, federal governments all over the world are enforcing quarantine in their nations, closing down bars, dining establishments, even schools and universities in an effort to stop the infection from dispersing. If they have the possibility, individuals are asked to work from another location. While this may be […]

After This Elderly Woman With Respiratory Problems Had To Self-Isolate, Her Neighbors Dog Started To Deliver Groceries To Her

We all understand that to make it through these bumpy rides, we need to interact. Our animals are no exception, and unsurprisingly, they definitely enjoy to provide an assisting paw. One such animal is a great kid called Sunny, who resides in Colorado. The lovable golden retriever just recently went viral for assisting his senior […]

Artist Illustrates 7 Types Of Superheroes Of This Pandemic And We All Can Be At Least One Of Them

However, physicians, retail employees, and lots of, much more individuals are working extremely tough to assist every one people throughout these hard times. And they need to get all the acknowledgment they should have. To honor their efforts, artist Dustin Rogers (aka dustinteractive) from Columbus, Ohio, developed a comic. The strip strikes a best balance […]