Zuckerberg: I’ll ‘go to the mat and fight’ Warren over plan to break up Facebook

Leaked recordings released by the Verge program Zuckerberg fears existential danger if Democratic competitor ends up being president Facebook president Mark Zuckerberg has stated his business will “go to the mat” if Elizabeth Warren is chosen president and looks for to satisfy her pledge to stated : “What would truly ‘draw’ is if we do […]

Yes, let’s wipe out Trump. But take neoliberal Democrats with him, too | David Sirota

A new age of left-leaning Democrats are waging a war on the celebrations business wing, composes Guardian United States writer David Sirota A fter a scorching summer season of discontent, Donald Trump’s unlimited tweets and scandals have actually offered Democrats their withstand to support a more powerful progressive program. Not remarkably, much of that analysis […]