Gwyneth, Lizzo, Cher: who are Hollywood stars endorsing?

Ahead of the California primary, here are the candidates Hollywoods famous names are voting for As the race for the 2020 Democratic nomination grows increasingly unpredictable, every boost helps and candidates are calling in support from the powerful world of film and entertainment. From Ariana Grandes endorsement of Bernie Sanders to Pete Buttigiegs fundraiser with […]

Caped crusader: who is the real target of Natalie Portman’s reply to Rose McGowan? | Catherine Shoard

Under fire for tassel marketing at the Oscars, Portman revealed restraint and defiance in her riposte plus conscious regard for ladies coworkers I t’s tough to anticipate what the huge stories from Oscar night will end up being. Parasite’s success was a minor surprise– however not an earth-shaker. Mystic Meg wasn’t needed in order to […]

The first woman in 23 years took home an Oscar for Best Original Score. Here’s why it matters.

When Hildur Gudnadottir approached the phase at the Oscars last night to get her award for Best Original Score, I screeched. I texted my 19-year-old child, “A female author won Best Score for ‘Joker’!!!” My child is a music structure significant with aspirations to end up being a movie author. I understood how substantial last […]

The Lodge review dread-filled chiller with a devastating twist

The makers of Goodnight Mommy have actually crafted a deviously outlined English-language follow-up about an unpleasant household dynamic tested T here’s so, a lot in writer-director set Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala’s overbearing chiller The Lodge that remembers Ari Aster’s breakout struck Hereditary that a person would be forgiven for at first believing it was […]

Twitter Thread Shows Theres 20 Types Of Movie Posters And Now We Cant Unsee Them

People on Twitter can’ t stop speaking about these collages assembled by French movie blog writer text over a main character’ s deal with, typically in desaturated or low lighting. Here are some more significant patterns and customs that the web has actually seen. leesteffen leesteffen leesteffen leesteffen leesteffen leesteffen leesteffen leesteffen Image credits: Image […]

From Cats to The Goldfinch: Oscarbait movies the Academy shunned in 2020

This years nominations have shown love for Joker and 1917 but a host of awards-primed films have been left out in the cold Motherless Brooklyn Motherless Brooklyn could return Edward Norton to the Academys good graces. But the three-time nominees long-gestating passion project (a starry adaptation of Jonathan Lethems award-winning noir) was ultimately more of […]