Company Designs Worlds First 360-Degree View Infinity Pool With Entrance That Works Like The Door Of A Submarine

A business called Compass Pools have some great news for height and swimming lovers. Just recently, the business revealed their brand-new vertigo-inducing style — a very first of its kind 360-degree swimming pool which is set to be put on a high-rise building in London.The Infinity London will be the only and very first structure […]

10 Stunning Photos That Capture The Flight Patterns Of Birds By Xavi Bou

Although Ornitographies is an existing job with a rather far-off origin. It was born from the innocent, agitated, youth look of the artist, Xavi Bou. The professional photographer’ s affection for nature, specifically birds, developed throughout his youth thanks to memorable long strolls with his grandpa. Since then, the professional photographer’ s interest in birds […]

28 Pictures By Mexican Photographer Reveal The Magic Behind Perfect Instagram-Worthy Photos

Social media is packed with amazing cinematic photos, and although sometimes there is a team of professional photographers, make-up artists and stylists behind those images, there is another side to the story. Many photographers invite us to the behind the scenes of their perfect shots proving that it’s achievable to most of us with very […]

I Track Down And Eat At The Last Surviving Locations Of Nearly Defunct Restaurant Chains

It’s a pastime that evolved from my desire to track down locations of restaurant chains that had disappeared from my hometown during my childhood. It slowly grew to an obsession with experiencing and documenting the remaining survivors of restaurant chains that are struggling, endangered, or nearly completely defunct, even if I had never experienced them […]