Facebook, Instagram Branded Department of Homeland Security Recruitment Ads Political

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) runs recruitment advertisements on Facebook and Instagram, however never ever for long. From July 2018 through August 2019, the socials media got rid of all of them. The factor? The promos ran without a disclaimer implied for political advertisements. By decreasing to include the disclaimer to its advertisements, DHS […]

Woman Exposes Instagram Perfect Mom After She Pays No Attention To Her Child At A Pool, Shows You Shouldnt Believe Social Media

Deep down, we understand that what we see on our social networks feeds seldom shows truth — we are just seeing the very best, most fascinating, funniest and most stunning elements of other individuals’ s lives. We are human, and the weight of contrast, continuously strengthened every time we open Instagram or Facebook, can end […]

Chonky, fluffy, thicc: inside the internet’s obsession with fat cats on diets

More social networks accounts are committing themselves to particular chonky felines and their weight-loss efforts They’re chonky, they’re fluffy, they’re thicc and body pawsitive. They’re round kids, floofs and outright systems. The brand-new animal pattern on the web commemorates the rotund and plump, with social networks users concentrating on the adorableness of a feline’s rounded […]