Parents of kids mid-meltdown get support instead of judgment, and it’s so dang beautiful

Practically everybody who has actually had kids understands that crises take place. Whether it’s a two-year-old who does not understand how to reveal themselves or an older kid who is having an especially rough life minute, kids often lose control of their feelings. Crises that take place in public can bring the Judgey McJudgertons out […]

Chrissy Teigen Answers Peoples Questions About What Its Like Being A Celeb, And Its Eye-Opening

The Q&A session started when someone wondered aloud whether celebrities have “junk drawers where they throw random cords and pens” and tagged her. (She does, but it’s unusually neat.) From there she opened up the field for whatever questions, from the mundane to the thoughtful, that her followers could throw at her. It’s not shocking […]

Babysitter Shares A Text Exchange With Parents Who Were Looking For Someone To Exploit As Cheap Labor

Kids are cute, enjoyable, and downright charming. That’ s what many people believe and it ’ s simple to see why. Babysitting them is by no implies a simple job. Taking care of kids is something similar to managing teens: their state of mind modifications like the wind modifications instructions, they’ re starving all the […]

30 Hilarious Before And After Photos Of How Life Changes After Having Kids (New Pics)

Now, I don’t doubt for a second that the act of procreation fulfills one of the most basic and fundamental human needs and brings about incredible and joyous emotions that only a parent can really understand. The ‘before vs after parenting pics’ trend was started by forty-something Brooklyn dad Mike Julianelle, who runs the ‘popular parenting […]

Rabbi Reminds The World About Mr. Rogers Radical Theology In Viral Twitter Thread

trailer for a brand-new film about him, called ‘ A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood ’, simply shown up. In it, well-known star Tom Hanks stars as Fred Rogers, the precious American TELEVISION character, Presbyterian minister, artist, manufacturer, author and puppeteer. Mr. Rogers genuinely was a guy of numerous skills, the best amongst which was […]