Caped crusader: who is the real target of Natalie Portman’s reply to Rose McGowan? | Catherine Shoard

Under fire for tassel marketing at the Oscars, Portman revealed restraint and defiance in her riposte plus conscious regard for ladies coworkers I t’s tough to anticipate what the huge stories from Oscar night will end up being. Parasite’s success was a minor surprise– however not an earth-shaker. Mystic Meg wasn’t needed in order to […]

How we stay together: we debate absolutely everything but we fight fair

Kristen Erskine and Gordon Campbell have actually found out when to leave things alone: Don’t hesitate of dispute however in some cases delaying it is OKAY Names: Kristen Erskine and Gordon Campbell Years together: 27Occupations: Academic and editor “We screamed from Inverness all the method to the Isle of Skye.” Kristen Erskine and other half […]

It takes a thick skin to rock a bald head: meet the women embracing hair loss

Society typically associates womanhood with long, streaming locks however a growing variety of ladies are selecting to commemorate their baldness B arbara Williams didn’t get wed simply to alter her name– obviously not. The chance to have a brand-new surname was definitely an appealing proposal. Williams has actually had trichotillomania, a condition that triggers her […]