Why stressed workers need four-day weeks not wellness trends

Spiralling work pressures make us ill. A dispute about much shorter hours is the response, not gong baths or conscious minutes T he most current wellness pattern to attack us? “Gong baths.” For those not familiar with the term, breaking for kombucha after a complete set of Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/shortcuts/2019/aug/28/gong-baths-work-stress-pressure-four-day-week-working-hours-wellness

Chonky, fluffy, thicc: inside the internet’s obsession with fat cats on diets

More social networks accounts are committing themselves to particular chonky felines and their weight-loss efforts They’re chonky, they’re fluffy, they’re thicc and body pawsitive. They’re round kids, floofs and outright systems. The brand-new animal pattern on the web commemorates the rotund and plump, with social networks users concentrating on the adorableness of a feline’s rounded […]

Why are thirtysomethings lonely? Because society doesnt value friendship | Arwa Mahdawi

Social media has actually been made the scapegoat for millennials reporting isolation, however the cultural primacy in their adult years of profession and household has much to address for, composes Arwa Mahdawi M illennials aren’t simply the poorest generation; they are likewise the loneliest. According to information from YouGov, while digital practices unquestionably impact psychological […]