Oculus co-founder trashes Magic Leap headset in review, calling it a tragic heap

It isn’t really the most normal scenario for a creator to compose an evaluation trashing a rival’s brand-new item, however Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey has actually never ever been the most standard business owner. Yesterday, Luckey released an evaluation of Magic Leap’s designer package on his individual blog site entitled “ Magic Leap is a […]

Inside Magic Leaps Quest to Remake Itself as an Ordinary Company (With a Real Product)

Founder and CEO of Magic Leap Rony Abovitz once planned to unveil the company’s headset like Willy Wonka—by issuing golden tickets to a select few. Today’s Magic Leap offices look a lot like any tech company headquarters you’d visit in Silicon Valley, minus the gourmet chefs. (Breakfast is catered on Mondays and lunch on Wednesdays […]