‘Underpaid and undervalued’: 10 women claim systemic discrimination at Disney

Exclusive: more ladies sign up with pay inequality case, broadening accusations to ABC Television and Walt Disney Pictures Ten ladies have actually now implicated the Walt Disney Company of gender discrimination as part of a Silicon Valley , media market and other sectors. An department accountable for ESPN and Hulu streaming services; Walt Disney Imagineering, […]

Looking ahead to 2019’s fall TV season and changes in the media landscape

New York (CNN Business)A variation of this post initially appeared in the “Reliable Sources” newsletter. You can register for complimentary right here. The Battle for Uber, ” Pamela Paul’s “How to Raise a Reader” and the NYT’s very first released collection of Bill Cunningham photos likewise come out on Tuesday … Wednesday: CNN’s environment crisis […]

Racist African stereotypes are as prevalent as ever on TV | Afua Hirsch

Too numerous home entertainment programs are still rooted securely in the colonial past, states Guardian writer Afua Hirsch I have a concept for a British TELEVISION series. It includes discovering an African society with a history of relating to Europeans as an exceptionally inferior race– challenging, undoubtedly. Discover a small-town household, from County Durham, state, […]

Why are thirtysomethings lonely? Because society doesnt value friendship | Arwa Mahdawi

Social media has actually been made the scapegoat for millennials reporting isolation, however the cultural primacy in their adult years of profession and household has much to address for, composes Arwa Mahdawi M illennials aren’t simply the poorest generation; they are likewise the loneliest. According to information from YouGov, while digital practices unquestionably impact psychological […]