These 30 Pics Show How Dystopic Our Society Already Is, And Its Pretty Terrifying (New Pics)

Brilliant, isn’t it? But it’s ok, there’s always Facebook to scroll through (Bored Panda too, obvs), Netflix to watch, chemical-laden meals to consume, manufactured outrages over a mermaid’s skin color to comment on… who’s got time for thoughtful resistance? Even those that think they are resisting by electing bigoted billionaires, bankers and Eton toffs to […]

Joseph Stiglitz on artificial intelligence: ‘Were going towards a more divided society’

The innovation might significantly enhance lives, the financial expert states however just if the tech titans that manage it are appropriately controlled. Exactly what we have now is absolutely insufficient I t should be difficult for Joseph Stiglitz to stay an optimist in the face of the grim future he fears might be coming. The […]