5 ways to clean your computer keyboard Clarification Please

Grab your popcorn. Refill your tea. Individual-1 is getting meme ‘d. Special Counsel Robert Mueller and federal district attorneys from the Southern District of New York submitted different memos offering their sentencing suggestions for Trump’s previous legal representative Michael Cohen. Manhattan district attorneys recommended “significant” jail time of in between approximately 4 and 5 years, […]

Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman is in jail and here’s his mugshot

Paul Manafort in his non-jail suit.Image: Getty Images The Mueller Investigation is getting real, y’all, and to prove it, here’s the mugshot of former Trump campaign chairman, Paul Manafort. As the Manafort mugshot gets posted and reposted… let’s take a look back at this exchange from @CBSThisMorning pic.twitter.com/QncuumVjxk — Marty Lebel (@MartyCBS) July 12, 2018 […]