Chrissy Teigen Answers Peoples Questions About What Its Like Being A Celeb, And Its Eye-Opening

The Q&A session started when someone wondered aloud whether celebrities have “junk drawers where they throw random cords and pens” and tagged her. (She does, but it’s unusually neat.) From there she opened up the field for whatever questions, from the mundane to the thoughtful, that her followers could throw at her. It’s not shocking […]

30 Hilarious Before And After Photos Of How Life Changes After Having Kids (New Pics)

Now, I don’t doubt for a second that the act of procreation fulfills one of the most basic and fundamental human needs and brings about incredible and joyous emotions that only a parent can really understand. The ‘before vs after parenting pics’ trend was started by forty-something Brooklyn dad Mike Julianelle, who runs the ‘popular parenting […]

Woman Who Stunned The World With Her Huge Baby Belly, Shows What Giving Birth To Triplets Does To Your Body

The last time Bored Panda blogged about Maria Nord ø J ø rstad , she was still anticipating triplets. Pictures and videos of her substantial stubborn belly she shared on her Instagram account, left individuals in wonder and rapidly went viral. Maria made a major Instagram following due to the reasonable representation of an often […]