If you’re allergic to dogs, you might only be allergic to males, according to a new study

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America states 3 in 10 individuals with other allergic reactions will likewise have animal allergic reactions . As much as 20% of the population have animal allergic reactions, which indicates that having a four-legged buddy isn’t constantly practical. There are lots of health advantages to pet dog […]

Chonky, fluffy, thicc: inside the internet’s obsession with fat cats on diets

More social networks accounts are committing themselves to particular chonky felines and their weight-loss efforts They’re chonky, they’re fluffy, they’re thicc and body pawsitive. They’re round kids, floofs and outright systems. The brand-new animal pattern on the web commemorates the rotund and plump, with social networks users concentrating on the adorableness of a feline’s rounded […]

Student says she flushed ’emotional support hamster’ after Spirit Airlines denied passage

Florida university student states Spirit Airlines initially informed her the family pet was enabled, however rejected it entry at the airport Air transportation Julia Carrie Wong in San Francisco @juliacarriew “real “> 1518161564000 “class =”content __ dateline-wpd “js-wpd”> Fri 9 Feb 2018 02.32 EST =”social” top”href=”http://www.linkedin.com/shareArticle?mini=true&title=Student%20says%20she%20flushed%20%27emotional%20support%20hamster%27%20after%20Spirit%20Airlines%20denied%20passage&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.theguardian.com%2Fworld%2F2018%2Ffeb%2F08%2Fspirit-airlines-emotional-support-hamster-flush-toilet-florida”target=”_ blank”title=”LinkedIn”> Share on LinkedIn Miami Herald . “She was […]

Think twice about buying ‘squashed-faced’ breeds, vets urge dog-lovers

British Veterinary Association launches #breedtobreathe project to highlight major health problems types such as pugs and French bulldogs are vulnerable to Vets have actually advised dog-lovers to reconsider purchasing squashed-faced pets such as pugs and French bulldogs, after numerous potential owners were discovered to be uninformed of the illness such types typically experience. According to […]