Were One Step Closer to Making Harry Potters Invisibility Cloak a Reality

Harry Potter€™â€˜€ ™ s ’ € ˜ invisibility cape â € ™ appears closer to truth as Canadian camouflage maker Hyperstealth Biotechnology has actually made an application for patents on its €˜â€™ € ˜ Quantum Stealth ‘€ ™ product. €™ The â € ˜ paper-thin and low-cost â € ™ innovation works by flexing light […]

An Impressionist Recites a Poem in 20 Celebrity Voices While Being Deepfaked

Actor/impressionist Jim Meskimen (Parks &&Recreation, Whose Line?, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) recites the “ Pity the Poor Impressionist ” poem in 20 star voices, with the assistance of SHAM00K, who utilizes deepfake innovation to modify Jim’ s deal with into each celeb. Completion outcome is somewhat disturbing and disconcerting. John Malkovich https://youtu.be/5rPKeUXjEvE?t=5 Colin Firth https://youtu.be/5rPKeUXjEvE?t=13 […]

Apple employs 443 DACA recipients. Tim Cook is taking a stand

New York (CNN Business)Apple is taking a public stand versus the Trump administration’s position on among America’s thorniest migration problems. “Our nation has actually taken pleasure in exceptional success by inviting individuals from worldwide who look for to make a much better life on their own and their households, no matter their backgrounds,” the business […]