Spinning Out: The First Trashy Netflix Binge of 2020 Is I, Tonya Meets The Cutting Edge

This is a sneak peek of our popular culture newsletter The Daily Beast’s Obsessed, composed by senior home entertainment press reporter Kevin Fallon. To get the complete newsletter in your inbox weekly, ‘Spinning Out’: ‘I, Tonya’ Meets ‘The Cutting Edge’ Meets a Mess Maybe among the most unforeseen patterns to occur from the streaming period […]

Racist African stereotypes are as prevalent as ever on TV | Afua Hirsch

Too numerous home entertainment programs are still rooted securely in the colonial past, states Guardian writer Afua Hirsch I have a concept for a British TELEVISION series. It includes discovering an African society with a history of relating to Europeans as an exceptionally inferior race– challenging, undoubtedly. Discover a small-town household, from County Durham, state, […]