Plane Loses Wheel on Takeoff; Pilot Still Makes Smoothest Landing Ever

An Air Canada flight (AC8684) leaving from Montreal lost among its wheels on launch, to the scary of travelers onboard. The competent pilot returned securely to the airport, making an exceptionally smooth landing regardless of the sub-optimal scenarios. The flight was initially predestined for Saguenay however went back to its point of origin soon after […]

Theres a Ride in Denmark Where They Just Toss You Off a 100 ft Tower

Check out the scary SkyTower Tivoli Friheden in Aarhus, Denmark. According to talk about reddit , you are put in a greatly cushioned harness that safeguards your back and neck and is created to hold you like an egg so you put on’ t ‘ fracture open ’ when striking the safeguard. Read more:

This is Not a Movie, Its October 1st, 2019 in Hong Kong

Riot cops and protesters combated intense fights up and down Kowloon’ s Nathan Road on Tuesday. Numerous tear gas cannisters and Molotov mixed drinks were tossed, and lots of arrests were made. More at — Hong Kong’ s just not-for-profit, independent English-language news source. Video: Tom Grundy/HKFP Read more:

At the Right Place and Time You Can See the Magical Yosemite Rainbowfall

In spring and fall, as the sun reduces its position on the horizon, a stunning natural phenomenon can be seen from Yosemite National Park’ s renowned ‘ Tunnel View ’. Late afternoon sunshine turns Bridalveil Fall into a glowing waterfall of colours. This display screen of nature’ s watercolors differs depending upon season, climate condition, […]

This Chase Footage of an FPV Drone Tracking a Roller Coaster is Incredible

FPV drone racer Viggo Koch was just recently employed by Liseberg Amusement Park in Gothenburg, Sweden, to movie their roller rollercoaster, HELIX. The resulting chase video is remarkable and uses a fascinating brand-new point of view of a roller rollercoaster. For those curious, Viggo’ s setup can be seen listed below: Drone setup: Model frame […]