I Track Down And Eat At The Last Surviving Locations Of Nearly Defunct Restaurant Chains

It’s a pastime that evolved from my desire to track down locations of restaurant chains that had disappeared from my hometown during my childhood. It slowly grew to an obsession with experiencing and documenting the remaining survivors of restaurant chains that are struggling, endangered, or nearly completely defunct, even if I had never experienced them […]

We Sold Everything And Moved Into An Old Truck To Travel And Show Our 4-Year-Old Son The Beauty Of Our Planet

We are a household of 3 from Austria that offered all of our personal belongings and transformed an old military truck into our brand-new house. Our very first snowboarding stops were spectacular Greece and Turkey This is a picture catching the minute we got in Stars Valley in the Middle East An euphoric trip through […]

50 Funny And Bizarre Photos Of Everyday Life In Japan By Shin Noguchi

There is something extraordinary magical about Japan and its culture and Japanese photographer Shin Noguchi proves that through his photographs of everyday life in Japan. He catches the peculiar, surreal and strangely beautiful shapes and situations that occur when people don’t think anyone is watching. Noguchi, himself, describes his street photography as an attempt to […]

I Travel The World To Photograph Girls In Dresses Against Backgrounds Of The Most Beautiful Places (New Pics)

Flying gowns, lights, flowers, architecture are linked with patterns and rhythms with gowns, which we thoroughly pick. It can be gowns from the hire of gowns, from designers, and can be those that are stitched by our own hands. There is absolutely nothing more lovely than the material of the gown, preferably matched to the […]