Teachers for Bernie, CEOs for Buttigieg, retirees for Trump who’s backing whom in 2020

A Guardian analysis of presidential candidate fundraising reports reveals who is winning over which popular professions Teachers love Bernie Sanders, executives are excited by Pete Buttigieg, lawyers opt for Joe Biden, and the vast majority of retirees support Donald Trump. At least, thats what we found when we analyzed the professions of people who have […]

Zuckerberg: I’ll ‘go to the mat and fight’ Warren over plan to break up Facebook

Leaked recordings released by the Verge program Zuckerberg fears existential danger if Democratic competitor ends up being president Facebook president Mark Zuckerberg has stated his business will “go to the mat” if Elizabeth Warren is chosen president and looks for to satisfy her pledge to stated : “What would truly ‘draw’ is if we do […]

Reports reveal egregious conditions in US migrant detention facilities

Child migrants might lose access to leisure activities, while conditions at adult centers position health and wellness threats As the variety of Central American households and kids approaching the an unmatched variety of households at the border in May. Though the variety of households environment crisis. “We are rupturing at the joints,” stated Randy Howe, […]

‘A simple pattern’: how Trump claims victory when facts suggest otherwise

The presidents deceptive arrangement with Mexico showcases his reality-TV strategies however the media keeps taking the bait Another drama, another cliffhanger, another catastrophe avoided at the last minute. Donald Trump had actually conserved the world. Once again. The odd legend of the US-Mexico trade war that never ever was provides the current example of Chuck […]