CNN analyst Bakari Sellers’ baby daughter receives liver transplant, ending months of waiting

(CNN)A CNN analyst’s 8-month-old child is on the roadway to healing after getting a liver transplant less than 2 weeks earlier at Duke University Hospital. He thanked Duke University and his better half Ellen Rucker Sellers, calling her “without a doubt, the greatest female.” “The words do not actually include whatever that we’ve been through,” […]

NFL and Patriots investigating Antonio Brown rape allegations. Receiver denies accusations

(CNN)The NFL and the New England Patriots are examining claims that Antonio Brown sexually attacked and raped his previous Bible research study partner and physical fitness instructor– allegations the star pass receiver rejects. In May 2018, they went out with pals to a club, the fit declares, and she drove Brown and another male back […]

Gangster John Dillinger’s body was set to be exhumed from a cemetery. Here’s why it might not happen

(CNN)Is the infamous American gangster John Dillinger actually buried at a cemetery in Indiana? That’s the concern his loved ones desire addressed. “We have actually not gotten any other applications for another date of exhumation,” Wade-Taxter stated Tuesday. CNN connected to The History Channel for remark however one wasn’t instantly readily available. Dan Silberman, a […]

Flames blocked escape routes on boat and trapped sleeping divers, official says. 33 bodies have been found

(CNN)The 34 individuals feared dead in a California dive boat fire most likely got caught when the roaring blaze obstructed their escape paths and restricted them to the lower sleeping deck, authorities stated. Authorities have actually stated 33 travelers and a team member were thought to be in the below-deck bunkroom when the fire broke […]

Muslim-American mayor says border agents asked him if he met terrorists

(CNN)A Muslim-American mayor of a New Jersey town states border patrol representatives wrongfully apprehended him and kept his phone when he came to JFK International Airport last month after returning from a getaway in Turkey. The representative included that CBP’s “authority to take part in border searches is articulated in many statutes and has actually […]

R. Kelly pleads not guilty to federal charges of kidnapping and sexual exploitation of a child in New York

(CNN) R. Kelly pleaded innocent to a multitude of charges in federal court in Brooklyn, New York, on Friday, consisting of counts of racketeering, kidnapping, required labor and sexual exploitation of a kid. He published the $100,000 bond however was jailed and imprisoned once again in March for failure to pay his ex-wife$ 161,000 in […]

A teen was gored after walking between two fighting bison at a North Dakota national park

(CNN)A 17-year-old from Colorado was gored by a bison Saturday at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota, authorities stated. Bison have actually hurt more individuals in Yellowstone National Park than any other animal, according to the National Park Service . Officials advise park visitors to remain at least 25 feet from the mammals, which […]

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossell vows he won’t resign amid a political scandal. Here’s how we got here

(CNN)Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossell certainly revealed he would not step down Tuesday, hours after authorities fired tear gas into crowds of protesters requiring his ouster. If Rossell were to resign, the law states the secretary of state, a post that is presently empty, is next in line to take the helm, followed by the […]