Are men really avoiding Little Women, or is it just overblown anecdata? | Arwa Mahdawi

This week, a couple of reporters spoke about the movies expected male issue however the basis of the claims appears lightweight Sign up for The week in patriarchy, a newsletter on feminism and sexism sent out every Saturday. Who’s scared of Little Women? Male, apparently. They’re little. They’re ladies. And they’re terrifying grown males all […]

Harvey Weinstein: ‘My work promoting women has been forgotten’

Disgraced magnate informs New York Post he feels his pioneering operate in gender equality has actually been devitalized Harvey Weinstein has actually grumbled he seems like “the forgotten guy” which his “pioneering” work promoting motion pictures directed by and about females has actually been “devitalized” in the wake of numerous sexual attack accusations versus him. […]

Samoa measles outbreak: families fly red flags to request vaccinations

Workers informed to stay at home throughout two-day drive to manage infection that has actually eliminated 62 individuals Samoa’s primary streets were strangely peaceful on Thursday as the federal government stepped up efforts to suppress a measles epidemic that has actually eliminated 62 individuals. The federal government informed most personal and public employees to stay […]

‘Mentally, we’re in crisis mode’: protests leave Chileans living on their nerves

Chileans are grasped by unpredictability suspended in between hopes of development, and disappointment over an evasive political service When a tsunami of discontent spilled into Santiago’s trendy Bellavista area in October, Daniel Gajardo, 33, was torn in between compassion for the protesters and disappointment at the damage they were doing his new organisation. The recording […]